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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a problem that causes to men for various reasons. It is also caused due to physical problems such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and low testosterone level. Some other causes of ED include blood flow problems, hormonal changes, nerve damage and psychological issues.

You can treat this problem not only by medications but there are exercises you can perform. A study revealed that pelvic exercises supported forty percent of the men to get their normal pelvic function. In addition to Erectile Dysfunction Exercises, pelvic muscle training will also treat ED and other pelvic related issues.


Pelvic floor exercises enhance the strength of the pelvic muscles and these are referred to us Kegel exercises. Women can also do pelvic floor exercises to recover their muscle tone after childbirth. It also improves sexual health and urinary continence. For men, it strengthens bulbocavernosus muscles.


The basic Kegal exercises are very simple to do for both men and women. To do the kegel exercises, you must squeeze the pelvic muscles and hold it for five seconds and then relax. Repeat this process for ten to twenty times twice or thrice in a day. You can do this exercise in different positions such as lying down with your knees up, standing and sitting in a chair. If you are a newbie, it is hard to complete ten times in your first attempt.


You should not hold your breath, push with your buttocks, stomach, thigh muscles. You must relax after each five count. You can also combine both short and long squeezes to defy yourself. Another method in Kegels is you should squeeze the muscles of your anus as holding a bowel movement. You remember to hold the muscles for ten seconds when breathing then relax the muscles. Pelvic floor exercise helps you regain erectile dysfunction problem and also help to boost your sexual experience, decrease bowel or urinary incontinence, prevent dribble after urination.


It is also helpful to involve the muscles of the pelvic floor in exercises to decrease erectile dysfunction. You can also include aerobic exercises in your regular exercises which boost your overall health and results in improvements in ED.


Walking can also impact ED. A fast walk thirty minutes a day three to four times a week may support your cardiovascular health and reduces ED problem. In online you can find a lot of exercises that treats ED problem and the herbal supplement to treat this problem.


ED is a stressful problem and hard to talk about this with people. Don’t worry there are safe and proven methods available to deal this problem. Aerobic exercises and pelvic exercises are the best options and initial step to follow for ED. There are still people who see improvements through exercises without taking medicines.


You must aware that you should not take many drugs for ED when you have heart diseases or consuming nitrate drugs. You cannot cure ED only with medicines there are many ways available to treat ED. Pelvic exercises, aerobic exercises, kegel exercises are the best way to start.